Jenelle Evans Accused of Fowl Play: Did She Really Kill Her Geese?

Jenelle Evans has been accused of goose-icide.

The former Teen Mom star was asked this week on Instagram about the whereabouts of her two pet geese, both of whom she often posed with on social media back in theday.

As you can see here:

These precious animals have been absent from Jenelle’s account for awhile now, however, prompting one curious follower to ask:

Where are your geese? You used to show them all the time. Do you still have them?

Oh, Jenelle replied, with total innocence:

One died from an owl attack in the field by our house and the other one was mean so we gave it to a friend of ours.

jenelle geese

The thing is, based on Jenelle’s history — or, to be more specific, the history of Jenelle’s violent husband, David Eason — fans are calling complete and utter BS on this response.

Didn’t Eason shoot and murder the family dog, Nugget?

Didn’t he recently kill Jenelle’s goat?

And now Jenelle wants us to believe that her better much worse half played no role in the sudden disappearance of her goats?

PUH-LEASE, social media users are saying in response.

“For everyone wondering where the poor geese went. What f**king LIES!!!!! We all know swampd**k killed them and ate them when u went to Tennessee. F**k u both!!!!” wrote one Reddit client as an example.

And here’s another reply:

“These people should not be allowed to have animals.. ever.

“It’s crazy that they keep getting more and more animals to neglect, abuse, or just dump them on someone else cause they can’t handle the responsibility.”

Evans and Eason reside on a farm in North Carolina and, tragically, do own a multitude of animals.

The following comments online, just from the last day or so alone, show how many people are aghast over this fact:

These two idiots want to own things but don’t want the responsibility. They just own them. They’re so gross.

So…they’ll shoot and kill the family dog, kill and eat the family goat, but they found a new home for their mean goose? Sure, Jen. We all know David killed them or they died of neglect.

Evans has been aware for years that she married a maniac.

Heck, Eason even beat Jenelle herself up two years ago, shattering her collarbone and forcing her to call 911.

Jenelle later recanted these statements and got back together with Eason, however, even staying with him months later after he murdered Nugget and Child Protective Services took away the couple’s children for a few weeks.

It’s really very sad overall.

And yet:

There are no signs this relationship will end any time soon.

“No one will ever understand our relationship, but that’s ok.. I don’t expect them to. Here’s to 3 years married!” Evans wrote to celebrate the couple’s anniversary last week, adding:

“I’m so happy we decided to work through the hard times for our family. Through thick and thin, you’re my best friend. I don’t want it any other way.”

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