LG MAGNIT MicroLED TV boasts 163 inches of 4K resolution » Gadget Flow

The LG MAGNIT MicroLED TV allows you to build a screen up to 163 inches, and it features 4K resolution. The screen’s surface is as smooth as an LCD while remaining sleek even when it’s off. In fact, the installers feel soft when touching the screen, and fingerprints are easily removed with a soft cloth. The LG MAGNIT delivers sharp, colorful images with a wide viewing angle. Therefore, everyone in the room can become fully immersed in the TV. Also, with LG’s Black Coating technology, contrast and color accuracy improves. The TV is also antiglare—a must-have for watching movies when it’s sunny outside. It comes with wireless data transfer and cable-free power docking. Therefore, there’s no signal and power connection required for a sleek, clean design. Overall, this LED TV is suitable for commercial and public spaces, including convention centers, hotel lobbies, and more.

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