Newborn megalodon sharks were larger than most adult humans

megalodon shark jaws

“Child shark” has taken on a complete new that means. New child megalodon sharks had been supersized fish bigger than most grownup people, a brand new research suggests.

An evaluation of the expansion charges of the traditional ocean predators, which lived between about 23 million and a couple of.5 million years in the past, estimates that the sharks started life at about 2 meters long, researchers report January 11 in Historic Biology.

Otodus megalodon is correct up there with Tyrannosaurus rex within the pantheon of scary extinct predators, however little is definitely identified in regards to the shark’s biology (SN: 8/10/18). Its skeleton was manufactured from difficult-to-fossilize cartilage, so what scientists do know largely comes from fossilized enamel. For instance, paleobiologist Kenshu Shimada of DePaul College in Chicago and colleagues beforehand used megalodon enamel, in addition to these of different historical and fashionable sharks, to estimate a complete grownup physique size for the fish of at least 14 meters (SN: 10/5/20).

Within the new research, Shimada and colleagues had an additional, uncommon piece of proof: megalodon vertebrae. Though shark skeletons are manufactured from cartilage, the animals’ backbones can change into hardened and strengthened by deposits of calcium salts, which may then be fossilized. These vertebrae additionally protect annual progress bands, just like the rings of a tree, displaying how the fish grew.

The researchers used an imaging approach referred to as micro-computed tomography to review three well-preserved vertebrae from one shark. These photos revealed 46 progress bands, suggesting that this shark lived to the ripe previous age of 46. The creature is estimated to have been about 9 meters lengthy at its demise, and the scale of the bands hints that the animal grew at a fee of about 16 centimeters annually. That implies that the shark would have been about 2 meters lengthy at delivery — massive sufficient for even a new child to be a fearsome foe within the seas, the scientists conclude.

Shimada’s workforce has beforehand instructed that whereas in utero, megalodon sharks, like a few of their fashionable cousins, may need ate up unhatched eggs within the womb. That observe might have helped the enormous fish to achieve such a big measurement even earlier than getting into the world.


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