Super Mario 3D All-Stars: All items in Super Mario 64

Yellow ! Blocks These release Coins, 1-Up Mushrooms, or Koopa Shells when hit. | Super Mario 64 Red Block Red ! Blocks These release Wing Caps, which allow Mario to fly for a short period of time. Super Mario 64 Blue Block Blue ! Blocks These release Vanish Caps, which allow Mario to pass through walls for a limited time. Super Mario 64 Green Block Green ! Blocks These release Metal Caps, which make Mario invincible for a short amount of time. Super Mario 64 Yellow Coin Yellow Coins Restores Mario’s health and when Mario collects 100 Coins in a level, he earns a Star. Super Mario 64 Red Coin Red Coins These are worth two Coins each. Mario must find eight Red Coins in each level to get a Star. Super Mario 64 Blue Coin Blue Coins These are worth five Coins each. If Mario discovers Blue Coin Buttons he will have a limited time to collect all of the Blue Coins that appear nearby. Super Mario 64 Crate Crates Once Mario grabs hold of one, it will bounce about pulling Mario with it before bursting into Coins. Super Mario 64 Spinning Heart Pink Spinning Heart Replenishes Mario’s health at a speed that corresponds to how quickly Mario ran through it. Super Mario 64 Koopa Shell Koopa Shells When Mario rides one of these he moves about quickly, can traverse lava or water, and is invincible against enemies until he jumps off or crashes. Super Mario 64 1 Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushrooms Adds an extra life to your total.

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