Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Respond To Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills, 90210 No Eye Contact Claims!

Were YOU shocked by Jessica Alba‘s recent claims about how the stars of Beverly Hills, 90210 treated her??

Not as much as the cast members she said she was not allowed to make eye contact with!

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As you’ll recall, the momma of three shared in a new episode of Hot Ones:

“I couldn’t even make eye contact with any of the cast members, which was really strange when you’re, like, trying to do a scene with them.”

It was 1998 when Alba portrayed pregnant teen Leanne in two episodes of the hit show, long before she got her own starring role in James Cameron‘s Dark Angel — and became a household name in movies like Honey and Fantastic Four. In other words, she was not yet a star but one of the little people. And that’s how she says she was treated. She told host Sean Evans:

“It was like, ‘You’re not allowed to make eye contact with any one of the cast members or you’ll be thrown off the set.’”


Well, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth have something to say about that. In a trailer posted on Sunday for their upcoming podcast 9021OMG, Jennie shared:

“I had all the scenes with her. If anybody didn’t want to have their eyes looked into, it would’ve been me, but I don’t remember ‘cause I have the world’s worst memory.”

She does not recall, eh??

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Tori chimed in, wondering whether producers of the FOX series passed around a “cool memo” without the cast knowing about it:

“Imagine we just thought guest stars didn’t like us? They never looked at us! We don’t know why. We were so nice.”

Wow! They’re not denying it happened — but they are denying it had anything to do with them personally. Hmm.

Jennie, who btw reprised her iconic role of Kelly Taylor in The CW‘s 90210 in 2008, explained:

“From the vague memories I have of working with her, I only remember her being super talented. She was very young, and she was really sweet. It does not surprise me that she’s gone on to be so successful.”

See? Nothing but love from the so-called divas. Referencing products made by the Honest Company, which was co-founded by Jessica, the Stori Telling author added:

“I’m not going to lie to you guys: I was a little horrified when I saw that clip that she said that she wasn’t allowed to make eye contact and she had an awful experience because her baby wipes are my favorite. Like, I wipe my child’s ass with her baby wipes every single day. I’m so upset right now.”

Ha! That’s a very specific compliment! LOLz! Let’s hope the air is clear now between these leading ladies!!

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